101 in 1001

Day Zero Project

The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1,001 days.

Start Date: Monday January 18, 2010
End Date: Monday October 15, 2012

Crossed out items are completed.
Italicized items are in progress.

1) Lose all of the weight that I need to
2) Take a pilates class
3) Stay up all night and watch the sunrise.
4) Get a job (02/15/10)
5) Save $5,000 in my bank account
6) Hold a job for 18 months (08/15/11)
7) Fall in love
8) Visit 10 US states that I have never been to before (0/10)
9) Leave the county
10) Go on a cruise
11) Train for the 2012 5 Boro Bike Tour
12) Pay off all of my credit cards
13) Read 36 books that I have not read before. (5/36)
14) Go into the city and visit all of the tourist spots
15) Become a Court Reporter
16) Learn how to cook 12 new dishes (0/12)
17) Go to a concert
18) Buy a new car
19) Save up enough money to move out
20) Learn how to sew
21) Tailgate a football game (Giants or Jets?)
22) Go to Canada
23) Become fluent in Italian
24) Wean myself off of facebook
25) Carry my camera everywhere and always take pictures
26) Develop a professional resume
27) Ride in a hot air balloon
28) Complete a Project 365
29) Solve a Rubix cube
30) Learn how to change a flat tire
31) Get a tattoo (10/31/10)
32) Learn how to take amazing pictures with my camera
33) Try Thai food (08/03/11)
34) Learn how to separate sex from emotions
35) Become a Notary Public
37) Don't complain about anything for one whole week
38) Be on the Dean's List in school (11/17/10)
39) Completely clean out and reorganize my closet (09/2010)
40) Finally finish decorating my bedroom (09/2010)
41) Leave an inspirational note for someone to find
42) See 10 classic movies that I have never seen (0/10)
43) Clear up my skin
44) Graduate from court reporting school
45) Become fluent in MS Excel and PowerPoint
46) Be certified to write at 225 WPM
47) Get a passport
48) Dance in the rain
49) Learn how to truly not care what others think
50) Sing karaoke in public (02/19/11)
51) Own a Macbook
52) Use chapstick daily and try not to lick my lips as much
53) Take a yoga class
54) Learn how to take a deep breath before over-reacting to something
55) Keep up with this blog
56) Truly appreciate being single
57) Get to where I no longer want a boyfriend or feel lonely

58) Get over any fear I have of driving/parking
59) Learn to not make it about me all of the time
60) Learn how to let everyone see and fall in love with the real me
61) Make sure my purse/schoolbag are always organized
62) Learn how to code CSS
63) Learn how to ice skate
64) Keep my checkbook balanced
65) Slowly become a runner
66) Learn how to do a cartwheel
67) Make a wish at 11:11 on November 11, 2011
68) Start reading the newspaper (and not just the wedding/style sections!)
69) Have MIND BLOWING sex
70) Go see The Phantom of the Opera
71) Completely train Tammy
72) Stop using plastic bottles
73) Delete Farmville once the semester begins
74) Learn how to be confident naked
75) Learn how to be nicer to people
76) Go to Max Brenner and have hot chocolate in a hug mug
77) Visit the tree at Rockefeller Center
78) Buy myself a coach bag (09/2010)
79) Learn how to make pasta from scratch
80) Learn how to make pizza dough from scratch
81) Accept myself for who I am, inside and out
82) Treat my best friend to a dinner at The Melting Pot
83) Spend a fun weekend in Philadelphia
84) Stay in a hotel room in the city for a night
85) Stay up all night and watch the sunrise
86) Have sex on the beach
87) Stay in one of the airport hotels and watch planes takeoff and land
88) Treat myself to a Spa Day
89) Feel comfortable dancing while sober
90) Shotgun a beer
91) Take a cooking/cake decorating class
92) Take a pole dancing class.
93) Eat dinner at Peter Lugar
94) Ride a horse and buggy around Central Park
95) Go one week without wearing makeup.
97) Pay off ¼ of my student loans.
98) Order my 25th birthday cake from Carlo’s Bakery (Cake Boss)
99) Learn how to walk/run in heels
100) Buy a lotto ticket (hey, you never know)
101) Write myself a letter that I can only open after I complete this list.