Monday, May 31, 2010

two brunettes walk into a bar

So last night did not quite go as planned. Originally I had wanted to go to the city for fleet week but B's parent's really were not having it because of how often she goes to the city. So instead we decided to do dinner and drinks in Brooklyn. We went to the Chipshop in Park Slope. B had been there before but I never had. I've seen it mentioned on the food network before - EVERYTHING IS FRIED! They boast that they will fry anything that you bring and one of their desserts (double fried cherry pie) has been banned by the NYC health department. They ain't kiddin' around here.

So after we clogged our arteries we decided to head for a bar to get a drink. Park Slope is a real yuppy area and 5th Ave kind of resembles the city. The parking spot that I got ridiculously lucky with was in walking distance of numerous bars/restaurants. After going in/out of a few dead bars (even though it is a holiday weekend, it was still a Sunday night) we settled for Perch Cafe which was having an open mic night. B and I were so out of place, it was all that "Bohemian Chic" style and everyone just seemed very "earthy", for lack of a better word. There was a woman sitting on a stool with her acoustic guitar singing Ace of Base songs while a crowd of Birkenstock clad women just nodded there heads and cheered her on. It was something out of a movie for me, just very different from what I am used to. We had a few laughs though and they had a few board games (Connect Four, Life...) on a shelf so I definitely would not mind stopping in again.

So call me a moron but temptation got the best of me and I just HAD to see what my matches on eHarmony looked like so I subscribed for a six month membership at $15 a month. Oh dear, I have a feeling this is just going to be a huge waste of money. I already have a possible date in the works though. He's from Staten Island and works in sales. Only issue is, he lists himself as 5'5"... I AM 5'5"!! That's a trend I am noticing on eHarmony, its the land of the short men. Oh well, at least this will be interesting.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


So the title of this comes from a hilarious moment from the movie.

So Wednesday night I went over V's boyfriend's apartment and met up with her and her sister. Just for future I will be refering to the sorority sisters that I mostly mention by their initial. We then went down to the theatre about an hour and half early and good thing we got there when we did - the line was already out the door! Since they had a few theatres open, it really was not packed inside. That and it was also a Wednesday night. Many people have to be up early Thursday morning, myself included.

So, the movie ...

It was HILARIOUS, however totally different from the first one. It was definitely funnier than the first and a lot more racier. I don't think it was as good as the first movie but I still loved it because it reminded me a lot of the series. I think that those who did not watch the series will not appreciate this one. By the way - Samantha is out of control in the movie!! She was just like how character was in the series.

In other news, I was watching tv a few days ago and saw an ad stating how for this weekend on eHarmony you could communicate with your matches for free. Since I currently do not have any romantic prospects, I decided what the hell and I made a profile. I communicated with a few of my matches but have not received anything back yet. I seriously do not blame them! eHarmony makes you send five generic questions for your match to answer the first time you try to contact them - its SO lame!! Thank GOD they don't have my credit card info and can't "accidentally" charge me for a subscription.

In attempt to pay off bills and organize my finances, I really limited my spending money and am now only able to go out one night a week. Since this is a three day weekend (really not complaining), I had to spend two nights in. Tomorrow night I am going with B and some friends into the city to meet some cute sailors!! I have never been able to enjoy fleet week being over 21 (and SINGLE!) so I am really, really excited! I even have a great outfit picked out already.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

can't wait to get carried away... again!

So going against what I SHOULD be doing, I am going to see Sex and the City 2 at midnight. School tomorrow will be hell on earth but I have been waiting for this movie since the first one came out so I feel it is well worth it lol. So I will leave you tonight with my favorite Carrie quote & a video of Carrie and Big moments. I cannot stand the music on it, I wish you could hear the dialogue from the scene but it is still good! Enjoy!

I'll give a non-spoiling review tomorrow :)

"Maybe our mistakes are what make our fate, without them what would shape our lives? Perhaps if we never veered off course we wouldn't fall in love, have babies, or be who we are. After all, seasons change. So do cities. People come into your life and people go. But its comforting to know that the ones you love will always be in your heart and if you're very lucky, only a plane ride away" - Carrie (Season 4 Finale)

only you have the power to change yourself

So watching the Biggest Loser finale has of course brought up thoughts of my own personal goals. I took a look at my 101 in 1001 and realized that I needed to do some editting. The only goals that I have completed/made some headway in are my job related ones but still I am very proud of myself. Having a job not only gives me something to do and a sense of responsibility, but it is nice to have money to go out with and to be able to pay off my bills. Since I have nothing to do on the bus in the morning (I'm afraid if I nap I will sleep passed my stop) I usually map out how I will go out paying off my bills. I am taking a little lession from Suze Orman and trying to pay off the bills with the highest interest first. Since I am a plastic-addict I will keep one card as a "working" card that I will use once it is paid off. It is the card from the bank I work at, has a reasonable interest, rewards and most importantly - still has a low limit from when I first opened it (student card). So even if I max it out, I will still be able to pay it off monthly. Its not that I have bad credit, I have always paid my bills on time, even if it was just the minimum. If anything, I will just improve my credit score. After I pay off my bills I will begin to build up my savings account. My goal is to have a semester or so paid off by the time I graduate, which is very reasonable.

So, now the big elephant in the room. Oh wait no, that's just my reflection! Ok, in all seriousness I am NOT as big as an elephant, nor do I look like one. I just have a shit-ton of weight that I really should lose. If not for looks purposes (oddly enough, I'm confident with my appearance) then for health reasons. Granted I am pretty healthy right now, I will not stay that way much longer. Diabetes is really dominant in my blood line, to the point that it is a guarantee I will have it if I do not lose weight. That is some scary shit, especially since my uncle just had to have his foot amputated because of it. I'd like to keep my feet and ALL of my appendages, thank you. I'm just making healthier decisions now. Even if I'm not super thin, at least I'll be somewhat healthier. I also have decided to try and ween myself off of soda, diet snapple and coffee - my three biggest vices. AND I'm not buying anymore cigarettes. So predictions for the end of the summer? I will either (a) gain 50 lbs (b) kill my mother (c) kill myself. Let's see which one happens.

Newly updated 101 in 1001 list can be found here so yay! I hope I make some sort of change in my life.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

the only thing more annoying than a clingy girl, is a clingy boy

About two weeks ago a girl I work with, her best friend's brother friended me on facebook. Oddly enough he has the same name and is from the same area as Minute Man so I thought that was a fun coincidence. Anyway he just messaged me asking me something retarded and then it somehow turned into him flirting with me? I like really didn't respond to him, really because I am not interested. Then he kept asking why I was not answering him, wondering if he was too ugly (he flat out asked that) for me. He ended up sending a picture of himself to me on his phone and that is how he got my number. So now he will not stop texting me. I will answer him back like once a day maybe but then he will question why I am not replying to him. Its not like I did not try to give him a chance but it was just that he did a few things to automatically disqualify himself. (1) One of his facebook pictures is of him after he vomitted all over himself (2) He questioned if he was too ugly for me when I did not respond ASAP (3) He always questions me not answering him (4) Texts me too much and is just way too pushy. He is also about two years younger than I am (21) which I am not peachy with. Let's call him Stage 5 Clinger.

Isn't it funny though? The guys that you like and think about often sometimes don't show interest yet the guy you don't like, almost shows too much interest. Even if I was interested in Stage 5 Clinger, I know I would be turned off by his actions. I mean, what girl would not be? Even though I can be a little crazy with guys in the sense that I overthink and complicate things but even I know not to be that pushy, especially with someone I have never met before and do not know from a hole in the wall. It usually takes me about a month or so (depending on the guy/situation) before I develop feelings, get scared/second guess everything and essentially ruin it.

This is why I have made it one of my goals to learn how to act while dating a guy. Not to say that I am some terribly clingy, horrible girl. Its just that when things don't go in the best way, I don't know when to walk away and I need to learn how to do that. I need to learn how to be able to walk away even when I am emotionally attached and just to stay back and let things happen on their own. I do plan on staying single for a while, at least until I am more into my school/career so I guess I need to learn quick. Maybe a few more failed dates (which in turn are the funniest stories to look back on) will help me with this? Stay tuned and we shall see...

Monday, May 24, 2010

the universe may not always play fair but at least it has a hell of a sense of humor.

Since the premiere of Sex and the City 2 is later this week I felt it would be fitting to title this entry after one of my favorite quotes. Of course I was a little skeptical about the sequal because I don't want them to kill it for me but it is already receiving good reviews.

I did not realize that its been ten days since my last post. I just did not think school and work would be as time consuming.

So court reporting... so far, so good. Just very, very challenging. Right now I am managing to keep up with it and am getting in a decent amount of practice each night so its not SO bad but it definitely is difficult to get used to. You have to type in shorthand which in itself is like learning a different language. It is definitely not easy but I know that if I keep up with it I will be fine. I feel like a high school freshman though. Since our real steno machines have not come in yet, we have these rentals that are like circa 1970 and they come in this backpack. With the machine and all of my books in it, the bag has to weigh at LEAST 40 pounds and sweet Jesus, is it heavy! I never thought I would look forward to having a wheely bag in my life. I like the school though, I made some friends in my classes and love that I am in downtown.

So this past Friday was formal. Due to a series of unfortunate events I was actually NOT attending this year, up until 1:30 that afternoon. In a quick rush I managed to get a mani/pedi/wax, buy shoes/pantihose and pack up my things by 4 and was on the road. It was a complete SHITSHOW and I was a disaster. I had a lot of fun, I danced my ass off, drank my face off and then cried my head off. If I remember correctly, I looked at the empty seat next to me and remembered that back when I was with Tight Wad, I never had formal date issues. Apparently I was laughing hysterically as I was crying because I realized how stupid I sounded. All in all, I had a lot of fun and I am really glad that I went. I really needed to let lose and that is exactly what I did!

So yesterday Dora dropped one hell of a bomb, that she was planning on moving to North Carolina. Obviously, that is one hell of a trek from New York City. I think I reacted the way any normal best friend would. I'm obviously not happy about the fact that she is moving far, far away but I agree with and am almost jealous of her motive of beginning her life. This does not mean I will be happy ABOUT it, but when the time comes I will be happy FOR (and supportive of) her. However, she needs to adopt an unconventional, non-domestic animal and name it after Atticus Finch, or else.

Friday, May 14, 2010

money can't buy you class

To whoever watches the Real Housewives of New York - OMG LuAnn's song is horrible! Seriously, I have a better singing voice than this woman and I think I sound like a cow being raped when I sing.

Today was seriously one of the worse days that I have had in a while. LumberJack ended up bailing on me for formal. He couldn't get off of work and his band also has a show that he forgot about. So I guess that's my karma, right? I asked the Idiot Savant to formal first and then turned around and asked LumberJack, who I knew I would have much more fun with. Now LumberJack turns around and bails on me, with one week until formal. I just don't get it, like it always seems like when someone hurts you, the way to make yourself feel better is to say "what goes around, comes around". Now maybe its because I don't care to stick around and see but its like karma never bites someone else in the ass. Not only do I not have a formal date now but I got obnoxious phone calls and had a small string a bad luck a few weeks ago. What gives? People do messed up/selfish things ALL of the time, how come I can't do it once in a while?

I just seriously have NO idea what to do right now. The people I actually like - I'm not a fan of the younger girls, with the exception of the most recent class - I love them ALL, basically all have dates so I don't know it might be weird. I decided that I am no longer staying over so I'm going to cancel the hotel room and I am having one of my favorites drive my car home and I am going with her. A lot of the girls I am closer with are not going this year, mainly because of price. It just sucks because I know I would have had a lot of fun with him.

Gotta love it when a guy you are not even with, disappoints you.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

this is seriously making my life right now

So I thought I would share :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

eighteen years, eighteen years and on the eighteenth birthday found out it wasn't his

I pledged my sorority in fall 2005 and KanYe's Gold Digger was playing EVERYWHERE so every time I hear that song I am taken back to me frantically driving up campus or us in the car, nervously driving to the pledge night. I always look back on that week and smile, even though it was very difficult I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

I headed to Lane Bryant today since one of my pledge sisters was working and I am in desperate need of a new wardrobe. I did not get much, just some bras/panties/a few cocktail rings. Ice Crotch is taking me on a much needed shopping spree after work on Saturday so right now, I am a very happy camper! Also Starbucks had half priced frappucinos today so I went and got one :) That was basically all that I did today, this is my last day of my summer vacation. I did my semester end paper-sort and tomorrow between orientation and work I am going to try and tackle the disaster that is my bedroom. If I don't get to it tomorrow, then definitely Friday before work!

So... I don't know if I have ever mentioned my cousin before. I will refer to her as Ms. Pulitzer. You'll see the reason as I explain more. Its hard to explain Ms. Pulitzer in a nutshell... Just that she tends to exaggerate things to the point of being obnoxious and its even better when I know the truth through an outside source. For example, she is now working for the census (along with my BEE EFF EFF Dora the Explorer) and totally fabricated everything about her new job while I sat next to Dora who told me the TRUTH about everything. Ever since we were little Ms. Pulitzer has always tried to one-up me or make me feel that I cannot measure up to her. I have no clue why she has done this but I does not bother me anymore. One thing is that all of the sudden she is a novelist. Apparenly she has books that are waiting to be published and is consider the "writer of the family", who knew? I had no clue that books that have yet to be writen (she asked me to practice steno while typing the book as she dictates it) can already have a publisher set up, especially for a first time author. I will tell you one thing, the second this book comes out I will take a bottle of wine and read it while dying laughing. She's not all bad, she has been there for me in times when no one else has and I am forever grateful for that. Its just she makes me scratch my head sometimes.

Speaking of family writers, I know for a fact that I one day will write a book. I have had an online journal/blog since I was 12 and even before then I just loved to write and think of stories. I have no idea what my book will be about though. I just hope that I remain as ridiculous as I am now, as I get older. Not only will I have material for a fabulous book, but I can guarantee that myself and any one who is in and will come into my life (future hubby, perhaps?) will have a blast. Maybe my book will be about finding love in the city? Or how to bounce back after a divorce and date good-looking men who are 20 years younger than you.. Whatever my book is about, or what happens in my life, I can assure whomever may be concerned, that it won't be boring.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end

So I'm done with finals and my last two grades just posted. I had the opportunity to do really well this semester and I was for a while, but then I realized that staying in the university was not what I needed to do and that I desperately needed a change. Now I'm going straight into my next semester next week, with only less than a week of a summer vacation. I guess its time to grow up since none of my friends have one anyway. I'm looking forward to it though, I love being in the city and for once I will be doing something that is going in a direction that I need to be. I am no longer wasting time in school, taking classes I don't need only to graduate in two years and STILL have no clue what I want to do. At least in this program I will still be in two years of school however, at the end of these two years I WILL have a job and I will get to start living my life.

This whole week I have been thinking a lot about my past. Monday was (most likely) my last day ever on campus. I watched girls who pledged the year after I did pick up their caps and gowns and it down right scared me. I remember their rush period and pledging process like it was just yesterday... but it wasn't. It was fall 2006, almost four years ago. I feel like fall 2005 was just yesterday as well. I remember starting college, fresh out of high school, having no idea what to do with my life. I was fortunate enough to meet the older girls in my sorority and hit it off with them and feel at home. I guess I was fortunate to meet Tight Wad as well, he taught me what it was to love and to be loved in return. He also taught me what it was to be hurt like I had never been before, how to guard myself against it happening again and best of all - what I am really looking for in a guy. Sure, I have made many mistakes in the last four years but I am grateful for each and every one of them. Its funny but most of the lessons that I am taking from my "college experience" are about life, not academics. It was bittersweet to drive off of campus for that one last time but I know that now I am much wiser than I ever was before.

So today I went and had my Japanese straightening touched up. Since I am really last minute and impatient, instead of having it done at my usual place in midtown, I had it done at this place on Staten Island. They used the same process so I figured nothing could go wrong. I'm hoping that I am not wrong about that. First of all, the treatment burned my scalp, where the treatment I have in the city does not. Then I noticed that the place was filthy! Like the floor looked like it hadn't been swept in a while and I freaked when the girl kept dropping the clips/comb and then putting them directly back into my hair! Sorry, but I skieve that shit, especially when the floor is litered with other people's hair and dirt. EWW! And I can't wash my hair for four days! My hair by the way, looks terrible! It is WAY too flat to my head and ugh, this is going to be a difficult four days. I just hope when I wash it this weekend it comes out with a little more volume. I am going to go to a girl I know from school to get it cut next week, just in time for formal. So I hope it all works out.

Tried on my formal dress yesterday. I got it from Avon and paid all of $30 for it - SWEET! It fits nicely, I just need a better bra for it and I don't know if its because its slimming but my butt looks HUGE in it. I was looking at it like um, where did you come from? Oh well, luckly for LumberJack ;)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

so now i see through your eyes, all that you did was love

Not the usual type of post that I would make but I think I'll give it a go.

So today is Mother's Day. Since I have a good job and for once I make a decent chunk of change, I decided to get Ice Crotch something nice for MD. I went to Macy*s (which is like my DisneyLand) with Dora and found this pretty peridot journey necklace and just my luck - it was on sale! Ice Crotch actually cried when she saw it and I'm glad I could make her happy for once! While yes, she annoys the shit out of me on a regular basis I know deep down that she is really not that bad. When I think back to all of the crazy things that I have done (and still continue to do) I realize how much my mother has had to put up with. Not to mention she had to put up with it ALONE. I think I've mentioned this before but one thing that I hope to take from my mother is her self-sufficency. She did not marry until she was older (and had time to travel when younger) and when my father passed away, she was able to bounce right back up and raise her eight year old daughter as a newly single mom. It was as if she almost did not have time to grieve because she had to work on being strong for me. We are two entirely different people and I guess that is where our fighting comes from, because neither of us really understand each other. I hardly say this but I truly appreciate and love her for all that she has done for me. Happy Mother's Day, Ice Crotch.

So finals came and went and I am officially down with St. John's!! I have never been so relieved in my life! I completely trashed theology - the class is not transferring over so who cares what my grade is?! Instead of writing a research paper relating my own personal religious experience on the class, I wrote a completely opinion-based paper on why I think catholicism is bullshit. Then since I did not study for the final, I wrote my professor a rhyming story on the paper. I figured it was better than submitting a blank test. I will probably never have the opportunity to not care again so why not make the best out of it?

Cutting this short because I am absolutely exhausted and wish to join my cuddly pug in bed!