Tuesday, May 25, 2010

the only thing more annoying than a clingy girl, is a clingy boy

About two weeks ago a girl I work with, her best friend's brother friended me on facebook. Oddly enough he has the same name and is from the same area as Minute Man so I thought that was a fun coincidence. Anyway he just messaged me asking me something retarded and then it somehow turned into him flirting with me? I like really didn't respond to him, really because I am not interested. Then he kept asking why I was not answering him, wondering if he was too ugly (he flat out asked that) for me. He ended up sending a picture of himself to me on his phone and that is how he got my number. So now he will not stop texting me. I will answer him back like once a day maybe but then he will question why I am not replying to him. Its not like I did not try to give him a chance but it was just that he did a few things to automatically disqualify himself. (1) One of his facebook pictures is of him after he vomitted all over himself (2) He questioned if he was too ugly for me when I did not respond ASAP (3) He always questions me not answering him (4) Texts me too much and is just way too pushy. He is also about two years younger than I am (21) which I am not peachy with. Let's call him Stage 5 Clinger.

Isn't it funny though? The guys that you like and think about often sometimes don't show interest yet the guy you don't like, almost shows too much interest. Even if I was interested in Stage 5 Clinger, I know I would be turned off by his actions. I mean, what girl would not be? Even though I can be a little crazy with guys in the sense that I overthink and complicate things but even I know not to be that pushy, especially with someone I have never met before and do not know from a hole in the wall. It usually takes me about a month or so (depending on the guy/situation) before I develop feelings, get scared/second guess everything and essentially ruin it.

This is why I have made it one of my goals to learn how to act while dating a guy. Not to say that I am some terribly clingy, horrible girl. Its just that when things don't go in the best way, I don't know when to walk away and I need to learn how to do that. I need to learn how to be able to walk away even when I am emotionally attached and just to stay back and let things happen on their own. I do plan on staying single for a while, at least until I am more into my school/career so I guess I need to learn quick. Maybe a few more failed dates (which in turn are the funniest stories to look back on) will help me with this? Stay tuned and we shall see...

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JerseySjov said...

my last guy was a total stage 5... even now he's been bugging me about coming to visit and i am so not interested. if only there was a nice way to tell guys "NO THANKS!"

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