Saturday, May 29, 2010


So the title of this comes from a hilarious moment from the movie.

So Wednesday night I went over V's boyfriend's apartment and met up with her and her sister. Just for future I will be refering to the sorority sisters that I mostly mention by their initial. We then went down to the theatre about an hour and half early and good thing we got there when we did - the line was already out the door! Since they had a few theatres open, it really was not packed inside. That and it was also a Wednesday night. Many people have to be up early Thursday morning, myself included.

So, the movie ...

It was HILARIOUS, however totally different from the first one. It was definitely funnier than the first and a lot more racier. I don't think it was as good as the first movie but I still loved it because it reminded me a lot of the series. I think that those who did not watch the series will not appreciate this one. By the way - Samantha is out of control in the movie!! She was just like how character was in the series.

In other news, I was watching tv a few days ago and saw an ad stating how for this weekend on eHarmony you could communicate with your matches for free. Since I currently do not have any romantic prospects, I decided what the hell and I made a profile. I communicated with a few of my matches but have not received anything back yet. I seriously do not blame them! eHarmony makes you send five generic questions for your match to answer the first time you try to contact them - its SO lame!! Thank GOD they don't have my credit card info and can't "accidentally" charge me for a subscription.

In attempt to pay off bills and organize my finances, I really limited my spending money and am now only able to go out one night a week. Since this is a three day weekend (really not complaining), I had to spend two nights in. Tomorrow night I am going with B and some friends into the city to meet some cute sailors!! I have never been able to enjoy fleet week being over 21 (and SINGLE!) so I am really, really excited! I even have a great outfit picked out already.

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