Friday, May 14, 2010

money can't buy you class

To whoever watches the Real Housewives of New York - OMG LuAnn's song is horrible! Seriously, I have a better singing voice than this woman and I think I sound like a cow being raped when I sing.

Today was seriously one of the worse days that I have had in a while. LumberJack ended up bailing on me for formal. He couldn't get off of work and his band also has a show that he forgot about. So I guess that's my karma, right? I asked the Idiot Savant to formal first and then turned around and asked LumberJack, who I knew I would have much more fun with. Now LumberJack turns around and bails on me, with one week until formal. I just don't get it, like it always seems like when someone hurts you, the way to make yourself feel better is to say "what goes around, comes around". Now maybe its because I don't care to stick around and see but its like karma never bites someone else in the ass. Not only do I not have a formal date now but I got obnoxious phone calls and had a small string a bad luck a few weeks ago. What gives? People do messed up/selfish things ALL of the time, how come I can't do it once in a while?

I just seriously have NO idea what to do right now. The people I actually like - I'm not a fan of the younger girls, with the exception of the most recent class - I love them ALL, basically all have dates so I don't know it might be weird. I decided that I am no longer staying over so I'm going to cancel the hotel room and I am having one of my favorites drive my car home and I am going with her. A lot of the girls I am closer with are not going this year, mainly because of price. It just sucks because I know I would have had a lot of fun with him.

Gotta love it when a guy you are not even with, disappoints you.

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Anonymous said...

Hold tight to the fact that you are a good person. I feel the same way sometimes, like UGH why can I not be a bitch or totally screw someone over... but at the end of the day I am a big believer in karma.


Hannah Katy

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