Wednesday, May 12, 2010

eighteen years, eighteen years and on the eighteenth birthday found out it wasn't his

I pledged my sorority in fall 2005 and KanYe's Gold Digger was playing EVERYWHERE so every time I hear that song I am taken back to me frantically driving up campus or us in the car, nervously driving to the pledge night. I always look back on that week and smile, even though it was very difficult I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

I headed to Lane Bryant today since one of my pledge sisters was working and I am in desperate need of a new wardrobe. I did not get much, just some bras/panties/a few cocktail rings. Ice Crotch is taking me on a much needed shopping spree after work on Saturday so right now, I am a very happy camper! Also Starbucks had half priced frappucinos today so I went and got one :) That was basically all that I did today, this is my last day of my summer vacation. I did my semester end paper-sort and tomorrow between orientation and work I am going to try and tackle the disaster that is my bedroom. If I don't get to it tomorrow, then definitely Friday before work!

So... I don't know if I have ever mentioned my cousin before. I will refer to her as Ms. Pulitzer. You'll see the reason as I explain more. Its hard to explain Ms. Pulitzer in a nutshell... Just that she tends to exaggerate things to the point of being obnoxious and its even better when I know the truth through an outside source. For example, she is now working for the census (along with my BEE EFF EFF Dora the Explorer) and totally fabricated everything about her new job while I sat next to Dora who told me the TRUTH about everything. Ever since we were little Ms. Pulitzer has always tried to one-up me or make me feel that I cannot measure up to her. I have no clue why she has done this but I does not bother me anymore. One thing is that all of the sudden she is a novelist. Apparenly she has books that are waiting to be published and is consider the "writer of the family", who knew? I had no clue that books that have yet to be writen (she asked me to practice steno while typing the book as she dictates it) can already have a publisher set up, especially for a first time author. I will tell you one thing, the second this book comes out I will take a bottle of wine and read it while dying laughing. She's not all bad, she has been there for me in times when no one else has and I am forever grateful for that. Its just she makes me scratch my head sometimes.

Speaking of family writers, I know for a fact that I one day will write a book. I have had an online journal/blog since I was 12 and even before then I just loved to write and think of stories. I have no idea what my book will be about though. I just hope that I remain as ridiculous as I am now, as I get older. Not only will I have material for a fabulous book, but I can guarantee that myself and any one who is in and will come into my life (future hubby, perhaps?) will have a blast. Maybe my book will be about finding love in the city? Or how to bounce back after a divorce and date good-looking men who are 20 years younger than you.. Whatever my book is about, or what happens in my life, I can assure whomever may be concerned, that it won't be boring.

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