Thursday, April 29, 2010

so on a scale from one (nice girl) to ten (complete bitch), where does this rank?

Holy hell, two posts in one week? It must be finals time!

I "liked" (since you can no longer become a fan?) of this page on facebook called "reaching the point where harmless procrastination meets "oh god im screwed" and unfortunately I am now at that point. I always do amazing at the beginning of the semester and it usually just takes one little thing to throw me off track permanently. This time it was a mere sinus infection that had me to the point of not being able to breathe. I had to miss school one day and that was it. Unfortunately this was a while, I was actually still hooking up with Minute Man again at this point and I have not been back to my 7:30 class since that day... until this morning, the last day of that class. I hate how I always do this to myself, I always have a really good chance of getting an A in almost every class and then I squander it. This time was even worse because of my "life changing" decisions made during Easter Break. I no longer saw a reason to attend class anymore because none of my classes will transfer over to NYCI, not even as electives. I showed up to the class today, for the first time since like St. Patrick's Day and was greeted with weird looks from not only my professor but from other members of the class. I completely missed everything but since I was doing so well in the class my professor decided to let me make up the work I have missed. I won't get in a good grade in the class, I don't want one nor do I feel that I deserve it, but if I receive a F I will have to wait six months before going to NYCI and that CANNOT happen. I think I'd just jump off the Verazzano and spare myself the trouble.

Well, its spring time and that can only mean one thing for a sorority girl - FORMAL TIME! My first three formals I was very lucky, I had Tight Wad as my boyfriend so I never had to scramble for a date. Last year (formal is always mandatory date) I took this guy that I knew from school who is a lot of fun. He ended up hooking up with another girl's date (another boy) in front of me and since I was sad about not being at formal with a date I loved, I did not appreciate that too much. Ironically, I ended up meeting Minute Man that weekend, who would have been the perfect formal date at that time. As an alumni, it is not mandatory for me to take a date so I lucked out this year. Since the majority of the girls I am close with are not going to formal I decided that I should take a date. Since we are truly single right now with no prospects I had to search for one. On impluse I decided to ask this guy in another fraternity who I knew had once had a crush on me. Slight problem though, A) I'm not at ALL physically attracted to him and B) he is socially retarded/awkward. It would be ok if he had more of a personality and I knew I would have fun with him but I don't think I will. Also, I plan to be a complete shitshow this night and I have to share a bed with him, if I hooked up with him I probably would hang myself. Yesterday I was sitting in the cafeteria and heard about another guy in a fraternity wanting to go to formal. While I am no where near attracted to this guy either, I definitely would want to take him more than the Idiot Savant. He is very funny, my age and I know I will have fun with him without having to "babysit" him, since most of his fraternity brothers are already going with other sisters. I just feel really bad because he sounded excited when I asked him and just really wants to go to formal. I'm going to try and see if another girl will take him. I would really like to take the funny guy because I also wouldn't kill myself if something happened after the formal. Not that I'm banking on it occuring but it would not be the worse thing to kick off my summer. I just can't tell IS about it today, since its his birthday and I don't want to make him feel bad on it.

Since when did I become such a bitch? I can never be the one to end things/do something in MY best interest. Case in point - Tight Wad and Minute Man. Both were situations that I knew I needed to get out of but THEY had to be the ones to end it, not me. I need to change this about myself. Oh well, more goals for the summer!


JerseySjov said...

i'm confused- you asked two different guys to the same formal and are now hoping that the one you'd prefer to go with gets another date? why would he accept another date if he thinks hes going with you?

иικκι јо♥ said...

No, I'm trying to find another date for the one I don't want to go with. I only asked him because I knew he wanted to go and that no one else would ask him.

JerseySjov said...

oh, so you need a girl recruit to take the one you dont want? that shouldnt be too hard... just lie and say he's a nice guy but he doesn't match your dress or something ;)

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