Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm not Irish but you could kiss me anyway.

Today is March 17th, which means that you have 6 more months to shop for my birthday present. Annnnddd it also means that it is St. Patrick's Day! Even though I am not Irish I have always celebrated this holiday as if I were. Except for this year of course since I had to be the only tool to give up alcohol for Lent. Oh well, it will be well worth it because I can be a hot, skinny Nikki at the bar next year hitting on cute Irish lads.

(image credit: Google)

I hope everyone has a fun, safe St. Paddy's Day and a minimal hangover tomorrow morning!


theTsaritsa said...

There's a benefit to not drinking today-- you'll be one of the few without a hangover!

Nikki Jo said...

Haha very, very true!


I get knocked down by life!

Title Loans said...

Oh, you weren't the only tool that gave it up for Lent. Don't feel bad. It would be horrible if Lent was exceedingly long and went into Memorial Day, so just make up for it then! Plus, who wants green, food coloring-stained teeth anyway?


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