Monday, July 26, 2010

In desperate need of a mental health day here

I have actually taken two mental health days from school very recently, both by complete accident. I'm not at my limit for absences but I am also not too far as well so I definitely need to keep that in check. However, both of those "mental health days" were days that I had work as well, so I really did not have a full day off. Right now, that is what I need more than anything, a full day off where I don't have school or work. I really don't know what I would do with myself. I would probably wake up earlier since my body is somewhat used to it, go to the gym and then the pool when I get home. I have only been in a pool once this summer and have yet to lay out in the sun. I am so pale, you would not think that this was the end of July. Speaking of which, this means that we are a mere six weeks away from fall/my birthday/end of the semester! I never thought I would be wishing the summer away but I need something.

So I finally found a way to manage my credit card debt. Granted, its only a minor amount of debt (thank GOD for that!), I was still having trouble finding a way to pay it all off in a timely fashion and not be flat broke. I applied for major credit card and was approved with a high enough limit to transfer all of my balances over to it. Also, for a year I have no interest on balance transfers! I seriously feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off of my shoulders, I now have a way to pay off all of this debt and I can still have money in my pocket so I don't end up charging back up the cards that I paid off. I think to also cut back on costs instead of getting a $25 gel manicure (that still chips because of work) AND a pedicure every two weeks, I could learn how to paint my own nails and save $50 a month.

I hope to accomplish some of the money saving tasks I have on my Day Zero Project by the end of this year!

How do you manage to save money?

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