Thursday, July 29, 2010

I got you all figured out, you need everyone's eyes just to feel seen.

So since things with Electric Man are kind of at a stand still (we are still talking regularly but nothing has been mentioned about rescheduling our date), I've decided to take eharmony more seriously. After all, I am paying for it. I started talking to this guy who will be referred to simply as The Security Guard yesterday and our exchange quickly switched the regular e-mail. He is a little over a year younger than me but is physically my type and so far it seems that personality-wise he is as well. We are actually looking to possibly meet up this weekend. Considering I have yet to meet ANY of these men in person, this is really bold for me. I have decided to stop being such a pansy and just go for it because again, I PAID for these services that have been rendered but am not taking advantage of. There is absolutely nothing that I can lose from this, only gain.

Another match from eharmony that I have that seems promising is at a bit of a standstill for a moment because for the life of me I cannot answer one of his open-ended questions. The question asked If I could do something completely out of character and remain anonymous, what would it be? Normally, you would think that this would be an easy question for me to answer since I am somewhat of a tight-ass and a lot of things are out of character for me. This is true, however none of those things are actions that I would like to remain anonymous for. One of the things that I immediately thought of was to have a one night stand. I am one of those people that put the pussy on a pedestal, my pussy that is, so a one night stand is definitely out of character for me. I would not mind if I was anonymous for this act however I feel that my match would kind of be weirded out by this answer so, no bueno. Another possible response I thought of was to be carefree and relaxed. I was all for that until I realized that I would not want to remain anonymous for that. I would want to shout it out to WHOMEVER it may concern that I am no longer a neurotic whack-a-doodle. Another possibility would be to say that I would love to be more confident and allow people to see the REAL ME. Yes, definitely out of character but impossible to remain anonymous for, it would almost defeat the purpose.

Le sigh, I just hope he does not become impatient and close the match because I haven't responded yet. Fuck you eharmony, bad enough you have to give us "guided communication", as if we are too inept to freely speak to our matches, but you had to go make the questions difficult. Don't you realize what type of crazy might be using your services?!

In better news, I seem to be kicking ass at both school AND work. We received our midterm grades today and my grades are 3 A's and 1 B, making my GPA (as of right now) a 3.79. I have actually done better in school before but hopefully that will be good enough to make the Dean's List (a goal on my Day Zero Project). If not, I will just have to raise that B to an A which is very possible considering the B is in a class that I failed the first test for. At work yesterday one of the girls I work with over-heard the Head Teller saying that I no longer have differences and that I am getting good. That felt SO good to hear! Let's just hope that she did not jinx me and I end up with a difference tonight! I'm excited, I've never ruled at work and school simultaneously so I hope I can keep this up!

Now, if I can just rule the dating scene as well, I will be all set!

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