Friday, July 30, 2010

Oh sweet, sweet, morning off…

Since I have come to the conclusion that I must not be worthy of a full day off, I am trying to enjoy my six hours off that I am lucky enough to have every Friday morning. This morning was great, I woke up around 9AM and actually had a filling, healthy breakfast for once. All was well until I had to waste an hour of my morning off on the phone with Time Warner Cable. Frankly, I am sick of it. My internet connection is so unreliable and the truth is, I had constant internet access only when I stole it off of one of my neighbors. Either they figured me out or their box is off because I have not been able to find it in a few weeks.

So tonight I have my first date with the Security Guard and I am actually kind of nervous. I don't know what kind of nervous I am but I just know that I am un-easy about something. I've never done this before. I mean I've met men from the internet before (Tight Wad) but this was after a full week of talking and I went with Dora to meet him (I was 18 at the time). This just all feels very, sudden to me. I guess this is how online dating works though? I don't know...

Has anyone had an experience with an online dating site and meeting people off them? If so, kindly comment with some advice/inspiration. My email goes to my phone so I will definitely be able to read your comments. Thank you!!

PS - Instead of offering to come into work early today, I am actually going to the gym. Who am I? Seriously!

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