Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Procrastination at its finest.

I cannot even believe myself right now, its three days before Christmas and I haven't even STARTED Christmas shopping yet. I only brought some gifts for Dora because I know that our time together is limited so I had to be prepared. Aside from Dora I am only getting gifts for family members this year. Funds are just way too low and I actually have one of my bills due on New Year's Day, so its gonna be pretty fun. I'm thinking of using the Christmas money that my grandmother is giving me to help pay for that one, since it falls right in the middle of my pay period. Speaking of which, my paycheck was less than half of what it normally is and my next check is going to be missing two Saturdays in a row (no, I don't get paid holidays) so I'm lucky if its gonna be triple digits. I need to rob a bank, no joke. Or at least have the one I work for give me more hours so I can have a decent paycheck.

This sort of brings up an important (not really though) question - what do I get the new boy for Christmas? I have only been seeing him for a few weeks so I'm definitely not getting him anything major but I feel that I at least have to get him something. He's a huge nerd so I was thinking of going somewhere along the lines of that. Whatever, its the least of my worries right now but usually I am so good at putting together gifts. Whatever I end up doing, I know it will be funny. Any suggestions? Help a girl out!

Out of my two week mini break from school I have SIX days where I have nothing (school, work, holidays) to do. I feel like I have completely wasted my first three, all I have managed to get done is my laundry and OCD-clean my room. The visions I had of getting all of my homework and Christmas shopping done by now have long since faded away and I find myself sleeping until at least noon on a regular basis. Don't get me wrong, it feels amazing to relax but I kind of feel like I am wasting this break and not getting done all the things that I need to. I have not even touched my machine other than to move it out of the way when I was cleaning last night. I know that I need to really practice this break or I am going to lose where I am at, which will cripple me if we take our 50WPM the week that we come back from break.

Enough procrastination, its time to make breakfast (its almost 4 in the afternoon), and get to shopping. Today is Macy's last One Day Sale before Christmas so the chances of me strangling someone are greatly increased. Has anyone else really procrastinated this holiday season?


Jet-Setting Divas said...

A lot of people are tight with money this holiday season! This may be the best time to get out and get gifts---just make sure you hit the mall early! Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

Found your blog from 20sb! Nice title. Following you on Twitter! :)

JerseySjov said...

i hope you get all your shopping done under budget!!
no suggestions for what to get your guy..."lucky" me i've always been single for gift-giving holidays so i don't have to figure it out

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