Friday, January 21, 2011

How religious I am is relative to how much alcohol I have consumed.

DAY 03 Your views on drugs and alcohol.

I really don't have any views on this. I mean, to each their own as long as you are not hurting yourself or anyone else. I do believe that they should both be done in moderation and if you can't do that, than don't touch them at all. I know, much easier said than done.

DAY 04 Your views on religion.

I had the privilege of attending catholic school from when I was in preschool until college. Of course this means that I was forced to attend mass weekly, receive all of the sacraments and sit through a daily religion class. In high school I kind of rebelled against it and chose not to go to church or practice catholicism any longer, outside of what class/etc… that we had in school. When choosing to go to St. John's religion had no bearing on my decision. It was either go there or the local community college that I refused to go to. At St. John's you pay $30,000 a year (unless you are on scholarship or qualify for financial, neither of which I did) and you are forced to take 9 credits in both theology classes and philosophy classes. I don't judge people for what they believe in but I disagree when they force it down someone else's throat. Not everyone who attends St. John's is catholic yet they are still forced to sit through three theology classes. Last spring I was taking the first level theology class and our final term paper was to relate class material to a personal religious experience and since I was transferring out of that school (the theology credit not following me) I decided to have a little fun with the paper. I wrote about not having a personal religious experience and what I felt were the hypocrisies of catholicism. My professor was extremely religious and by the looks of my final grade did not quite appreciate my version of his assignment. Like I said with the drugs/alcohol question, to each their own. Just please refrain from forcing your religion down my throat. I am not a total atheist or anything. I do believe that there is someone up there but I am just not extremely religious or anything.

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JerseySjov said...

i was literally dragged kicking and screaming to mass and sunday school for 16 years. once i got confirmed "because grandma wants you to be" i was allowed to stop going.
i think the fact that i was FORCED to go [not to mention the truly awful youth ministers who were NOT prepared to answer any hard questions about religion and believing] gave me the belief system i hold to today: everything happens for a reason, try to do more good than bad, and everything works out in the end.

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