Wednesday, January 19, 2011

In ten years, I'll be in my early to mid thirties.

… And that is one of the scariest thoughts EVER.

Day 2 of my 30 day blog challenge asks me where I would like to be in ten years. So let's see, I will be 33 turning 34 that year. I would like to be:

Married, without a doubt. If not, then dating a 20 year old male model who has the biggest dick I have ever seen.
I would like to have popped out a kid or two by this time of my life also. While I still have the strength and patience to deal with them.
A court reporter either freelancing or working in the Supreme Court.
Above all, happy with my life!
Living in either the suburbs or the city. Depending on income and such.

Well back to busting my ass for my finals. So far I have destroyed my medical terminology final and tomorrow I have to take my legal terminology final and my 60 and 70 WPM speed tests. Not going to lie, I am a bit nervous about this. I have not spent much time preparing for this final but I know it will be much easier than her previous tests. As far as speed is concerned, I am very nervous and I have every right to be. I started to get cocky and stopped practicing as often and now I am having trouble writing at 60 and 70. Sometimes I can get the 60, depending on the words being said but 70? Its kind of like a shitshow for me. I spent about 3 hours practicing at 60 today after school and tomorrow in between my classes I am going to try and practice for my 70. I don't have to get it tomorrow, if I do I will actually be ahead but I still don't feel like failing my first speed test this earlier on. I just have to not be so nervous about it and I'll be fine.

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