Friday, June 11, 2010

hey lets sign this waiver so we can be on MTV!

So last night I ended up going to fushimi with V, our PM (person who brought our class into the sorority) and two other girls. They have $1 drinks from 12-1 every Thursday night and I have always been meaning to go. MTV has been filming this new show called Bridge and Tunnel which is kind of like the new Jersey Shore only its about Staten Island people who recently graduated college and are looking to make it big. So of course they have to be filming there the one week I go. So the place was filled to the brim with your typical Staten Island douchebags, including Angelina from Jersey Shore. I actually went to college with one of the people being filmed so just as I love watching Jersey Shore, I will be tuning into Bridge and Tunnel as well. It was just really refreshing to hang out with some girls that I normally don't see as often and I love getting all dolled up and going out. The fact that Fushimi has AMAZING sangria certainly did not hurt it. Just our luck, one of the retards happen to try to have a drunken conversation with us, so they ambushed us to sign waivers so if MTV airs that particular moment they wouldn't have to blur our faces.

So as I was there of course I was people watching and I claim to the conclusion that I am a well-dressed fat girl! I am being dead serious, I looked cute last night with jeans that fit me and a shirt that flattered me. I was not showing any of my bad areas, AKA stuff that NO ONE, myself included, wants to see. I saw girls that were my size and wore ridiculous things. My favorite one for the night was a teal, satin, SKIN TIGHT tank top. Its not about not having confidence, its about knowing what looks right.

Also, I got to thinking... I am WAY too tired of being fat. I mean I do have some confidence, I am fine talking with guys and I love going out with friends but I am sure my confidence will improve if I was thinner. I was thinking of doing Jenny Craig because I've heard of people being successful on but I'm not sure, it is really expensive and didn't Kirstie Alley like gain ALL of that weight back!? I don't know, I just need to do something and I need it to be strict because if I have too much freedom, I will screw up.


JerseySjov said...

the best diet isn't really a diet, it's just eating healthier, smaller portions. kirstie alley gained all the weight because she went off the jenny diet.

i totally agree that confidence doesn't make up for complete lack of style. part of the reason that i feel confident when i go out is because i know that my problem areas are under wraps

edk.dolce said...

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иικκι јо♥ said...

@jerseysjov: I know but that hasn't really been working right so I am going to try something a little more "set", for lack of a better term. That's EXACTLY where I get my confidence from, if my outfit looks great and flatters me and if my makeup/hair is cute!

@ellie: I will definitely check it out! thank you :)

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