Saturday, June 19, 2010

the moral of this blog is...

I was reading some blogging advice earlier and one of the things that people kept repeating over and over in their comments was to register my own domain. Since google offers it for the low price of $10 a year, it seems very reasonable. Also, it transfers everything over from your current blog to the next so it is something that I might end up doing. That got me thinking, what would I name my blog? I started this blog back in spring of last year as a way of documenting my life as a single girl in New York City. I was finally 21 and envisioned myself as going out on the town with my friends every weekend, meeting men and then writing about it à la Carrie Bradshaw. That did not take off so well. I ended up meeting someone during the summer and forgot about this blog. I tried to pick it back up this year and I feel I am doing pretty well so far.

Then I realized something ....

I am NOT Carrie Bradshaw. I am not middle-aged, living in my rent controlled apartment on the upper east side, buying CRAZY expensive clothing and shoes on my freelance magazine writer's salary. I am Nikki. I am 22 years old, living with my mom in Staten Island, saving most of my bank teller's salary to pay off small debts and student loans. There is a BIG difference here. I don't feel that my relationship status makes me who I am or should make my blog what it is for that matter. Granted, I made the fatal mistake of signing up for eharmony but even that is not something that I am always writing about. I guess I no longer feel that the title of this blog is appropriate. I will get around to coming up with something new, maybe when I buy paint shop pro 9 and can make a new header for myself.

So until I can decide on what exactly my blog is about, I will not register ANY domain name. Unfortunately, seems like it would be a little too long for people to remember.

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