Thursday, June 10, 2010

House Keeping!

So since I've stopped abandoning this blog I decided to do some house-keeping. I cleaned up my tags, since I had like 10 million of them and just over all made it more "reader friendly". So, enjoy! Welcome to the new followers that I have! You might want to check out the links on the side to get a better idea of who I am and where I am coming from.

Today was Teacher Appreciation Day and since two of my three teachers for today were not going to be in, I took a mental health day! It was so great to wake up at 9 as opposed to 5:30 and I truly feel relaxed and refreshed.

No real updates in my life at the moment, its been a crazy week but my weekend has started so I will definitely update on what happens!


JerseySjov said...

the only time i cleaned out my tags was when i removed the tags that were guys' names. it was right after one of my flings ended and i was pissed, so i figured i didnt need a reminder that i wrote so much about him.

anyway, can't wait to hear about your weekend :) ps the pic of your nails on twitter is super cute; love the color!

Holly Renee said...

Awesome! I am excited to read a few of things on the side to catch up on what's going on in your life. I think the blog looks great all spruced up!

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