Friday, June 25, 2010

Oh and she'll have a shot of the 1800, thanks.

Last night I went out with Dora who was in much need of a night out. I hope I at least succeeded in taking her mind off of things and having her kick back.

So FINALLY I am on vacation! However, its only from school and unfortunately I happen to work at the one bank that is open on Sunday (including the 4th of July). At least I will finally get to the beach this summer. Usually by this time I am a different race but I am so pale right now, it sucks.

Speaking of summer, a year ago today Michael Jackson died. I still remember how I found out, I was laying on my couch doing nothing and Minute Man texted me because he heard about as he was driving home from work. A lot has changed in that year, for one I was with Minute Man and things were amazing. I was working at Lane Bryant, made absolutely no money and pretty much hated it. I was about to start at St. John's again, trying to prove to everyone that I was capable of sticking it out there. Oh, and I was extremely tan. That weekend I was going up to the poconos for my half-niece's wedding and getting reacquainted with a family that I have not seen in over a decade. I made the drive by myself because this was something I knew that I had to do alone. I saw many pictures that weekend and heard stories about my father that I never knew.

Now, only three hundred and sixty-five days later, so much has changed. I am pale as shit, have not spoke to Minute Man (who has a girlfriend) in a few months, I love my job and I make decent money, and I will never set foot in St. John's again. Instead, I am well on my way to becoming a court reporter. I also keep contact with my father's family and its great because I feel they are my one connection to him.


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