Wednesday, June 30, 2010

challenge wednesdays

So I've really been enjoying my mini summer vacation so far and I really wish it was for longer than two weeks but oh well, what can you do? Since I am having trouble accomplishing things that I need to (I am being VERY lazy), I have decided to make it thise week's challenge.

Clean my room and put all new clothes away.
Organize shoes in closet.
Practice for one hour a day.
Do all of my laundry.
Go to the beach at least once.
Go to the gym at least three days a week.
Go on a shopping spree.
Sleep in until three and go out and drink that night.
Hang out with friends I am normally not able to see.
Go down to the shore.
Balance my checkbook/finances.
Clean out my school bag and organize it.
Do not drink soda for one week.

That is all that I could think of for now, it is a short break after all.

Oh and I failed miserably at last week's challenge of not drinking soda so I added it to the end of the list.

Also, I received another award from the lovely One Blonde Girl. So to add to my list, make the three entries for the awards!

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