Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Idk, my bff Angel?

Yesterday I ended up taking a mental health day and Dora did as well! We had a much needed bonding day where we both spent way too much money. We started out small, getting our nails done and for the first time in a very long time, I got tips. They are very short because I cannot type with long nails. This is just so they don't break/chip and I actually really like them. Then we turned our madness over to the state of New Jersey and things started to get a little funny.

We first went to Marshalls where I found a cute little trunk for my room and OMG!? my favorite Kathy Van Zeeland wallet but in ZEBRA. So of course I had to fucking buy it. Omg, amazing and only $20. I'm in love. Who needs a man? Seriously, a vibrator and my Visa (credit card that is, not a document stating that I am allowed to be in this country) are all I need to get by. If needed, I'll adopt a baby from Korea because they are adorable. Ok, back to my post...

We then ventured over to Chevy's and that is where the fun began. Dora and I frequent Chevy's to the point of us recognizing (and they do us as well) host/wait staff. Yesterday we had a waiter that I had never seen before. Enter Angel... Instead of my making up a name I will just use his drag queen pseudonym. Angel came over to our table while Dora was in the bathroom and DIED over my wallet (I had a tendency to change wallets/sort receipts at the table at restaurants) and I knew right then and there, that this was love. You see, I need a gay best friend. I need a man who is just a big of a bitch as I am to give me advice. He could make fun of others with me and then turn around and bring me back down to earth when I'm freaking over some asshole that is in my life. I want a boy that I could go shopping with (since my style tends to err towards the side of flamboyant), stare at hot guys with and of course, to go out and make fun of less fortunate looking people with. I definitely need a man like that in my life. I was thinking of posting an ad for one on craigslist and seeing how far that gets me. So for the entire meal Dora and I sat there trying to figure out how we would convince Angel to join our wolfpack. You see, I've never asked a man out before, much less a gay one so I was very nervous. We ended up telling him how fabulous he was and asking him out. He works at deko in Jersey (think the cast of Jersey Shore, going there when they were underage) and gave us his number so maybe one day we might pay him a visit, (hopefully) get drunk for free and then see who can stand on one foot while touching their nose to determine who drives home.

Today I am meeting up with B for lunch since she has an interview this morning in midtown and then after school I have a training class at work and afterwards I will be attending a much needed bitchfest with some more of my favorite sorority sisters. I will be seeing some girls that I have not seen in way too long and I cannot wait for that!

Oh, I need some advice! Since my skin thinks that I am 12 and not 22, I have a slight situation regarding blemishes/mild acne. Ten years ago I would have used proactive to treat this but since that stuff does have an expiration date, I have nothing on hand. I was thinking of trying Zeno since the ads featuring Whitney Port managed to grab my attention. I also basically have spots/giant random pimples so a spot treatment like that seems best. Has anyone tried this?! Does it work!? Please comment, regardless if you follow/normally read me or not! Thank you so much!

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