Friday, August 6, 2010

this used to be my playground

So last night after work I drove to Brooklyn to meet up with S, my high school friend. I have not seen her since last August when we went on a double date with her boyfriend and Minute Man. It was so nice to see her and being at her house was just a throwback to my high school years. We went for dinner at this Turkish restaurant named Sahara and it was amazing. Definitely something different and I would so go back there. Then we went back to her house and watched Jersey Shore. After that we FaceBook stalked like pretty much everyone we used to hang out with lol. It was great to see her and reminisce about our best and worst moments. I actually logged into my old LiveJournal that I kept around that time. It was embarrassing lol, I was such a little brat. Apparently I also had yet to learn how to form a correct sentence, because my writing was terrible. Too bad GreatestJournal is no longer around because that would have been even more embarrassing to read. I definitely want to do a post about my unique high school experience. Maybe I will do it later since I am not going out tonight (work early tomorrow) and I now have a printer/scanner. I would do things so much differently in high school but I will definitely go more into that one later. It will be nice to have a relaxing night home, I can get to bed early and be nice and refreshed for work tomorrow.

One of my favorite memories (to look back on) with S and her sister M was one night when we went bowling with S, her then-boyfriend, M, and my first boyfriend (lets call him G). We walked back to G's house after bowling and waited for car service. I guess taking car service was like the big thing to do in Brooklyn when you weren't old enough to drive yet. The car service came and took me, M, and S back to their house. In front of us on 18th Ave there was a really drunk guy who kept swerving and after he had almost caused an accident with us twice, our driver started to honk at him. Unfortunately we were caught at a red light with drunkie. He got out of his car and proceeded to beat the dickens out of our driver, while we were in the back seat of the car. M was trying to call the police, S was trying to see the guy's plate numbers and I (like a retard) was trying to open the locked doors (that had no push button thingee) and get us out of there. Thank God the drunk guy got back into his car and drove away. All would have been fine but the car service driver started to chase after him, with three, screaming sixteen year old girls in the car with him telling him to stop. Finally, we made it back to their house, alive and the driver still had the nerve to charge us for the ride. While yes, that was terrifying at the time its one of those things that we laugh now as we look back. Just like the time when we ended up getting searched by the cops. A story that is great to look back on...

I will definitely make a post later with a story or two that actually were funny then and are now as well.

Does anyone else have a slight-brush-with-death story that they now look back on and giggle at?

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