Thursday, August 5, 2010

and after all of this I still paint my nails like I did when I was five

Yesterday I decided to paint my nails myself since the manicure that I had paid for had chipped within 24 hours. Much to my dismay, my fingers resembled an art project that I might have done back in Kindergarten. You know, the projects that were an utter disaster yet your mom still hung up on the fridge, beaming with pride? Except I am not beaming with pride right now, I still have polish on certain fingers but at least it is a lot less noticeable.

Many things have changed since I was 5, Chelsea Clinton was a little girl at her father's side during his campaign and now she's a married woman whose wedding was the hottest ticket in town, Zack Morris' cellphone was the hottest thing ever (Fuck that, HE was the hottest thing ever), and staying up later than 9PM was something that I would give anything to do. Of course I have definitely changed in more personal ways, I still had a father and a grandfather, was at a normal weight for my age, had un-pieced ears, and my biggest care in the world was if they were going to play man-hunt that night after dinner. I feel that I have done a lot of growing up in this past year, especially within the last few months. I finally figured out, at age 22, what I wanted to do with my life and now I am taking the steps to get there. I am trying to learn how to take the stick out of my ass (drinking helps with this, a lot) and just let loose and live life.

SO my blogging idol Carrie Bradshaw is Full of Shit (oh and by the way, she does not actually know that she is my idol. It's more like a secret admirer type of thing.. She should start expect anonymous flowers and notes soon) had declared this the Summer of Single for her, which basically helped me put a title on what is going on with my life right now. This is the first summer that I have been truly single. Truly meaning I have not had a boy to love/care about/cry over. Summer 2005 (I was 17) I was crying over my first ex. Summers 2006-2008 (18-20) were spent either in love with or crying over Tight Wad and summer 2009 (21) I dated Minute Man for its entirety. Summer 2010 (22), I have not had to deal with any bullshit that comes with having a man in my life and by George, it has been FABULOUS! A little boring, but fabulous.

While I am deliriously happy that I have been able to avoid clinging onto any guy I find for his attention, I am a little disappointed in myself. One would think that the theme song for this summer would be PROMISCUOUS GIRL but sadly, it has not. I think part of that has to do with having the stick up my ass. Well, at least something is up there but that's not what I would have imagined. A few weeks ago I started talking to this guy who shall be referred to as Jack of All Trades and basically we set it up to be a strictly sex thing. Sounds fun, right? Except we I have yet to plan a date for this. He is really good looking, just a tad older (like he probably watched Sesame Street when it first premiered) so mother would definitely not approve of him. Besides, I really don't want an older man. However, age does equal experience when a man is just that good looking so maybe I could be his little student? I mean if you want to start learning how to have casual sex (yes, that is something that I have to learn how to do), isn't it best to start off with a man who knows what he is doing? Who is to say that I will actually go through with this though? I'm surprised I actually went through with meeting the Security Guard.

Oh well, small steps I guess. Maybe learning how to be promiscuous is the next stage in growing up for me?

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