Monday, August 9, 2010

a blog with no name...

So I still have not come up with an appropriate title or theme for my blog. I have had a few ideas but the consensus was that they were not going to work. I don't know how people have come up with these great names or have made those cute little cartoon-like headings. I just don't feel like "A Single Girl in the City..." is the best way to describe what is written in this blog. Granted, I mention living a single life and dabbling into the dating world and promiscuity but that is not what it I am all about. I am many things, mainly a girl who has a fucked up sense of humor, and is a neurotic nut-case who overreacts to any and everything that happens in her life. I'm a complete mess but at the same time, I have my shit together (for now). I am way to sensitive for my own good and the good of anyone who is involved in my life. I swear a lot and have an uncanny way of wording things. I am also the dumbest brunette one would ever meet. Just yesterday I asked a co-worker if a cardboard box was recyclable. Yet at the exact same time I will reference things such as the First Battle of Saigon and an Amish teen's Rumspringa in everyday language. If I cannot put a label on myself or my personality, how the hell am I supposed to put one on a blog that is about my life?

Perhaps I am thinking way too much into this ...

Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled programming... Yesterday Ice Crotch and I took Marathoner out for her birthday. We went to Arirang and afterwards I went over Marathoner's to keep her company as she packed up her room. Next month her and her husband are moving back to Pennsylvania, for good. It did not really hit me until seeing her pack her closet. We did not really see each other often because of conflicting schedules but now it is going to be even harder now that she is not living two blocks away. Of course I am sad about this but I do realize that it is the best for her and her family. i just feel like it is so sudden. I knew that it was a possibility but down the road, not in 5 weeks. I was fine yesterday but I know I probably am going to lose it as it comes closer and closer. She is one of those people that I know are always going to be in my life. She is not only my sorority sister but she is one of my very best friends. I was in her wedding and I know that she will be in mine. As we danced at her wedding, I told her that I would bring my kids up to visit her and her kids in PA. and I meant that. I really cannot say that many people in my life will be here forever, so when I do say it, you best believe I mean it.

So, tell me about one of those special people in your lives!

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