Sunday, January 24, 2010

Don't you think I know exactly where I stand, this world is forcing me to hold your hand

Sorry I have not posted in almost a week, I just got really busy with school.

With school began unnecessary drama associated with my online Intro to Statistics course. I only took this course because I was desperate to finish my math requirement and there was no physical section offered on my campus for this semester. After three days of pulling my hair out I transferred out of that class and into a 7:30AM Business Writing course, which will complete my english requirements. So on Tuesday&Thursday I will be waking up between 5:15-5:30 and will be in class straight through from 7:30-12:30. Oh boy, this should be fun! One of my sorority sister's is in it so I guess that will be my sanity. I emailed the professor right after I registered for it (Friday morning) because I had missed the first class and she has yet to get back to me. What kind of professor does not check their school email account? I would be such a good professor lol, I always check my email and I always organize a good syllabus/course schedule. I have three hospitality courses this semester and I love them all - especially Event Management! I think I will have a lot of fun with it and the term project is planning an event. I love the professors I have for those courses too which is good since I will problem have them a few times over these next two years. Speaking of professors, my philosophy professor is amazing. On the first day of class he told the guys that if they were able to "go jerk off in the bathroom" then they could take notes for his class. I think this one will be interesting.

I beyond fell off the bandwagon with eating right. Between having no time to think with school and my mom, not being a mommy and going grocery shopping (or going but not getting things I want/need and bringing home an Entenman's cake) I have not had much to eat and go out to eat for the convienence. This is going to require a lot of hardwork and dedication on my end and I really need to work on it. Between this, school and hopefully work I seriously won't have much time to do other things in life but that's good because I want to keep busy. I also want to work on my insecurity issues too because no 22 year old should be insecure, especially if it affects their life.

I have to cut this one short as well because I have a sorority meeting at 8. No longer manadatory for me but I just like to go and see what's going on. I will definitely try to make another post this week and actually go in depth into what I have to say.

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JerseySjov said...

i'm lucky enough that my school doesn't have a math requirement. we have to take a "formal analysis" course but it's typically a research methods class, not actualy 2+2 nonsense.

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