Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Knot List

I started this list over a year ago after my breakup as a way to become excited about being newly single. I always meant to post it on LJ but I had forgotten all about it, until today when I found it while cleaning my desk.

The KNOT List: Things to do before I tie the knot

1) Graduate from college and get my masters degree.
2) Lose all of the weight that I need to/want to
3) Get all of the plastic surgery I need to have after I use the weight. (boob job included)
4) Pay off all of my credit card debt (only about $1500) and most (if not all) of my student loans (will be close to $100,000)
5) Be established in my career and love to go to work everyday
6) Lease a brand new car and get over my fear of driving
8) Go on a cruise
9) Go to Vegas
10) Go to NOLA for Mardi Gras
11) Celebrate my birthday as lavishly as I can
12) Move out and live on my own
13) Casually date at least two men simultaneously.
14) Run the NYC marathon
15) Date a man with a shitload of money and allow him to spoil me
16) Go to LA and stalk celebrities
17) Buy myself a very expensive piece of jewerly/pair of shoes
18) Have at least one photo album for every month of my life.
19) Become completely self-sufficent
20) Figure out how to disconnect sex from emotions
21) Learn Italian
22) Take a cooking class
23) Learn how to sew
24) Make a scrapbook for each major stage in my life (eg - HS, sorority years)


Impressions Of My Life At The Moment said...

What a fun list!

JerseySjov said...

looks like a great list. i've always thought that it is totally better to have as full a life as possible before "settling down"

i just read all of your posts and i'm definitely going to follow you :)

Anonymous said...

Will definitely keep up with this list. Cute idea.


Hannah Katy

Meg said...

a 'knot list'..good idea! and great list!

Unbreakable said...

You got a good list going on here all the best on accomplishing all or most of them.

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