Thursday, January 14, 2010

G.T.L. baby. Gym, Tanning, Laundry.

Today was the first lazy day I have had since the new year. Even though I had gone to bed early and woke up by 8 I decided to just lay in bed for 6 more hours and do absolutely nothing. Yes, this day was a complete waste but I feel that I needed it since I will be going back to school in less than a week. I managed to cook though, dinner for myself and then bake red velvet cupcakes for myself and Marathoner since she stopped by to "catch up". For the recipes for the cupcakes and everything else I made today check out my cooking blog here.

One MAJOR downside to my lazy day is that it is now 4AM and I have to be up and take my car to my uncle (he's a mechanic) for an oil change by 9. Then I am having breakfast with one of my sorority sisters and then getting my eyebrows done. Since Dora the Explorer and I really need to save money I will be serving a three course (guilt-free) meal for us! Same as going out to dinner, just a fraction of the calories and um... FREE!

So here we are, January 14... Just a month away from good old Valentine's Day. I don't care if it is a played-out, commerical "holiday" - I am a true little romantic and absolutely love this day. I just hate not having a valentine and seeing everyone else so happy. Maybe this will change? I mean hey, my cousin did not know she would have a valentine last year until she met her now-boyfriend less than two weeks before. I guess we will just have to see what happens and if not, Tammy will be my valentine again this year! Last year I even took her to the groomers to have her nails painted pink so she looked the part. Its amazing how this poor dog has not run away from me yet!


JerseySjov said...

good for you for only having had one lazy day since new years! i'm in the same position [with school starting up next week] and i've been in my jammies since tuesday...

иικκι јо♥ said...

I've been like that since Wednesday and yeah it feels like I've wasted my days but I won't have many lazy days when the semester starts =(

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