Thursday, January 7, 2010

Is two REALLY better than one?

I ended up staying in tonight so I got to thinking about relationships and if at this point in my life it is really worth to have one. I was in a three year relationship that lasted from when I was 18-21 so I was kind of new on the dating scene this year. I had gone on a few days/talked to a few guys who I just really did not click with. I live for that first part when you meet a guy and you're really excited about it. I was able to experience that this summer for a little and loved it but then the bad part came. I forgot what it was like to actually have feelings for someone and not be too sure if they were reciprocated. Obviously I am single now so that situation ended badly but it just made me realize that I still have a lot to learn. I seriously do not know when to walk away. I have a habit of giving people (especially guys) the benefit of the doubt and hoping that if I just give it a little more time, things will change or go back to the way they were. I get myself all amped up to walk away but then I sit back and think for a second and wonder if I am jumping the gun. This leads to me losing my dignity and upper hand in the situation. I should have walked away from the situation with Minute Man over the summer back in like August when I first noticed that things were changing but I stayed with it, hoping that he was just busy or something and would start to act like he used to. Obviously, this never happened. Same thing with Tight Wad, he did the most fucked up thing that anyone has ever done to me yet I stayed around a little longer because at the time I thought I still loved him. I need to someone learn when to just call it quits before I try to find love again. I just want this to be all about me for now. I'm not saying if the opportunity for something came up I would turn away from it, I'm just definitely not looking for it. Like the Open Hearts Collection from Kay Jewelers says - "If your heart is open, love will always find its way in".

I'm thinking about making another blog but having it be for specific recipes. Tonight I made two hungry girl recipes tonight and they came out absolutely AMAZING and were guilt-free! I suggest subscribing to her website, especially if you love food but want to get healthier.

Sorry no picturs, there goes that resolution I guess lol. At least I am keeping up with my "album a month" deal.


Nichole said...

Relationships are tricky business. There isn't a set formula either way. :) I hope you find comfort in the fact that were all " fools in love" and I would venture to say fools in general. :)


Anonymous said...

I think that relationships that don't work are just as important as the one that do. You learn from them, what you'll put up with, what you want in the future. Everything is just one big stepping stone to the end. without this one, you couldn't get to the next.

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