Friday, January 29, 2010

She ain't got a man, but she's not alone

I figured this title was fitting because all of my doodling in school has consisted of either this or "Me, Myself and I". I guess doodling is limited for us single gals?

School has been going really well and I've managed to stay on top of all my assignments. This weekend is my half-sister's suprise 50th birthday party so I have to drive out to the Poconos early Sunday morning and as a result will not be going out Saturday night. Or if I do, it will be very lowkey. I will take that opportunity to do all the work I have due for next week and to get a nice, good night sleep. I have not seen them since the summer and things were a lot different then (mainly because Minute Man was in my life and it really seemed to be going somewhere) so I hope that we don't really focus on "catching up".

In that news, I still have not spoken to him and its been like a month. If he's not going to make any effort to be friends with me then I will not make any effort as well. I heard he is finally closing on his house on Monday so good luck to him if he is.

In much, much better news - I GOT A CALL BACK FROM THE BANK!! I interviewed today and I believe it went really well. Only problem might be my availablity (my class hours and the banks hours have left me available only 4 hours on two days) but the guy who interviewed me was in contact with the branch manager and will let me know by Monday if he needs me in his schedule! I'm so excited yet so, so nervous. I have never needed/wanted a job this badly before! I'm serious when I say my life will improve ten-fold. AH, well enough about that because I seriously do not want to jinx this. I have been looking in the paper everyday and it seems like the available jobs I qualify for are getting less and less each day so that's rather depressing.

I've decided to start doing weight watchers core again. Its the only thing that has really worked for me in the past and I find it the easiest to stick to. If I get this job I am going to be extremely busy so I probably would not have time for much else.

Well - those are my updates as of recently! Nothing really exciting, mainly because I am broke and can't go anywhere but hopefully this will be changing very soon!


JerseySjov said...

congrats on the job! that sounds really exciting.

EVA said...

Do they still have weight watchers core?? I thought they got rid of that and have changed their format a bit? I was doing the points for a while but just left the online site b/c I can't afford it at the time being.

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