Saturday, January 9, 2010

Let's have some fun this beat is sick, I wanna take a ride on your disco stick

So I downloaded the free trial of Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 because I have a ton of free time on my hands and also if I am going to commit to this blog, I am probably going to want to make graphics. I made a header for this blog but I am not totally in love with it, yet. What do you all think? Also, its relatively cheap so if I do fall in love with it I just might buy it. Back when I used GreatestJournal and LiveJournal I owned PSP8 and loved it but somehow lost the disc (and no, I was not paying another $100 to replace it!) So let's hope this one works out well!

In other news today was the most un-productive day that I have had all year. Which explains why I am up at this hour because I napped a lot today. Fun!

Anyway the real meaning of this post. I got to thinking about sex today and how I have never had amazing sex. I am so jealous when I hear my friends talking about the amazing sex they had last night because I have never experienced it. I have only slept with two guys so far and both were disappointing for their own reasons. Tight Wad (my ex who is as cheap as fuck) and I lost our virginity to each other so that really explains why it wasn't too good. I mean he was able to last really long but the sex was just boring and not really good. Although I really cannot blame him because we were together for a few years and had only had sex with each other. He definitely has the potential to get much better with experience. Now, Minute Man on the other hand has this nickname for a reason. What sucks about this is the sex was actually pretty good, for the whole 30 seconds that he lasted. Such a disappointment because the sex would have probably have been amazing. Ugh, I mean I have only been with 2 men so far so I really should not give up hope. I always told myself that I would not sleep with a guy I was not in a relationship with or dating but I did broke both of those rules with Minute Man so maybe this is the year I will learn how to seperate sex from feelings? I certainly do not want a boyfriend anytime soon but I don't wanna go like a year without sex so something has to give. Of course I will be smart and use protection but I need to not see sex as my way of opening up and letting all of my guards down with a man. I truly envy those women that could do this, society might call them sluts but I prefer to call them my heroes.

This post was short and sweet, goodnight!


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Nikki, they say that variety is the spice of life, and the same holds true when it comes to sex. The disappointment you describe with your first two partners can likely be attributed to their (and your) lack of experience and thus being unable to engage in a variety of sexual activities which could, and should, spice things up for you and provide greater enjoyment and hopefully volcanic orgasms. I believe that’s why some worldly-wise people, in comments to more recent posts than this one, have recommended finding an older man to be you partner, or to put it more bluntly, your fuck buddy.
Good luck, young lady. :-)

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