Sunday, January 17, 2010

So where do you work? At a funeral home

Now no offense to anyone who works at a funeral home, it just sounds kind of morbid. I was reading the classified ads today and the only one that interested me in terms of the hours and experience level was a receptionist for a funeral home. Its PT, Mon and Fri 5-10PM and Sunday 5-9PM. Only 14 hours but still those 14 hours work well into my school schedule. I went to Staples and faxed over my resume asap. I did a little stalker work with the help of my BFF google and found out that the funeral home is down the block from my house. Can we say perfect? Fingers crossed that I get this job! Its really needed :(

In other news today makes it one year since we've had Tammy!! She has come a very long way since we adopted her. We trained her to go potty outside, to SIT for a treat and she is much more relaxed around people then she used to be. She is still a nervous nelly but it is getting a lot better. As a special little treat we got her these dog cookies from a bakery so she could "celebrate".

OMG do I really go back to school this week? I'm truly going to take advantage of these next two days. Tomorrow I am going to clean my room, do my laundry and get some sushi with a girl who is planning to rush my sorority this semester. Hopefully I'll do something tomorrow night since it is my last night of freedom. Tuesday I'm going to get my car washed (weather permitted), new tires and windshield wipers and probably cook for the week. It is also one of my sorority sister's 21st birthday so I'm going to stop by Rhythem and Brews for a little and celebrate with her. Then Wednesday is the first day of classes :( Unfortunately Ice Crotch is going to be home all this week and already she is starting to annoy me... Great, can't wait!

Here are some pictures of my baby girl -

Me Giving her a cookie

I guess they taste pretty good!

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JerseySjov said...

good luck with the job application!
and i'm not a dog person by any definition but i love pugs! so cute :)

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